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About us
As leading innovator of the vibration data-logging industry, Logtech provides a large variety of vibration measurement & analysis equipments including the servo/ MEMS type acceleration sensors, circular speed sensor, eddy current type displacement sensor. Our vibration measurement solutions enable customers to monitor, protect, control, and validate their critical processes and applications.
- Develop and provide new standards to control vibration & noise
- Promote the growth of noise & vibration businesses
- Keep providing the highest quality, reliable equipment and faithful services.
- To be recognized as the leading provider of sustainable solutions for vibration & noise
Customer driven
- Our Measure of Success is our Customers’ Success.
With over 20 years of practical experience, Logtech have accumulated expertise and knowledges for developing vibration measurement equipment and providing suitable solutions for noise and vibration problems.
Logtech have the latest technology and exclusive patent which enable us to develop complete line of instrumentation to measure and monitor vibration, including non-contact eddy current displacement sensor, speed sensor and servo type acceleration sensor.
Logtech’s next step is constantly researching and developing MEMS acceleration sensors and lead the vibration industry’s technology standard.
Logtech is dedicated to supplying high quality products which meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. The Crystal Intruments management team is committed to continous service and training program improvement towards customer satisfaction. These principles are applied to all operations regarding Logtech’s production of vibration test and measurement equipment.