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Logtech offers comprehensive, customized, and hands-on instructor led training courses designed to enable the users to operate and maintain their machinery as well as protect and optimize performance.

1. Equipment Training
This training covers a variety of introductory and advanced topics in vibration monitoring and machinery diagnostics. our training topics include:
- Definition and 3-element of the vibration
- Vibration and natural frequencies
- Resonance and resonance control
- Vibration?
- Tips for selecting an adequate Vibration sensor
2. Equipment Training
Equipment Training programs provide customers the knowledge and skills required to optimize the performance of their equipment. Our instructors who have decades of hands-on experience in the field provide practice-oriented education of the vibration sensors associated with the theory and practice that can be applied to the field.
We prepare cutting-edge curriculum that reflects both current industry trends and customer's needs forward latest technologies by researching the markets and carrying out service survey.
Our training topics cover:
- Principle of the sensor, and with installation and usage, and self-testing methods.
- Principle of vibration sensor
- Vibration equipment-related expertise.
- Principle of eddy current displacement sensor
- Principle of the servo type acceleration sensor
- Vibration sensor installation and maintenance
- Data logger connection and maintenance